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Why Lozette ?

Why to create a company and not just baking for my family ?

I am French, born and raised in Paris. I traveled and lived in different countries. What I have learned is that each population of each country has his own way to deal with food. I adapt myself quite well to everything. But regarding the act of eating this is an area in which I stay French very French. Socialization, time to relax, moment of sharing, enjoying the taste of every bites, taking my time to eat, this is something I cannot and I don’t want to change.

” The value of the food, the act of eating belong to my DNA. There is no way I would like to change my relationship with food.”

In my country of adoption Canada,  I feel the need to share the magical power of the “4 heures” “gouter”. If you are French or Francophiles you know what I am talking about, if you don’t that’s the reason why Lozette is here in Canada. Lozette wants to share childhood memories with you.

I am working hard to bake french treats for you, with patience and observation.

Running tests one after another.

I bake using the alchemy of mixing ingredients, playing and adjusting quantity with techniques of the French know how and tools that leads to the representative result of how a Mahé (Lozette’s palet breton),  Financier or a Madeleine would be expected in France. I am looking for similar ingredients that we use in France. It took me long to try to find the right butter. Even I try to do mine, just amazing but too expensive.

I needed to run a selection on the French and Canadians ingredients in order to find the best adequation. I am using Fleur de sel de Guérande in my Mahé because it is a very specific salt, which brings a taste that cannot have something similar.

I am working on textures to come the closest I can from what my organoleptic senses can remember. I ordered moulds from France to reproduce the shell-shape of the madeleines, and give to my financiers a shape similar to a bar of gold as it should be.

All those steps of the process of baking bring to the authenticity. The ingredients, the texture, the taste, the moulds used are representative of the results I am looking for.

Every French I know are coming back s from France with luggages full of gustative memories after their holidays.

Lozette wants to guarantee this trip to France in every bites of her products.

Now, you know where to find an authentic taste of France. This is the Lozette’s mission to provide a trip to France without flying. You are looking for the authentic taste of France full of passion and love contact Lozette

I am targeting traditional way, therefore I am using specific materials that work well with heat and give wonderful results even if it requires a long process of preparation.

Audrey Loze
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