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100% authentic taste. 100% french pastries – 100% homemade style

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Welcome to Lozette.  Where we bake French treats with authentic tastes and textures. Full of flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. Mahé, Madeleines, Financiers are bite sized treat waiting for you.

Product Lozette Madeleine Lemon

Who is Madeleine?

On one side small shell-shaped and a typical “bump” on the other. The texture is light and fluffy.


Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Egg, Baking Powder, aromas.


Gustative experience: Madeleines are thick in size, light, soft, and smooth.


Origin: The history said that this delicious pastry was born in 1755. The Duke of Lorraine Stanislas Leszczynski had a party going on. His pastry chef left abruptly the kitchen with no dessert left. A young maid working in his kitchen saved the party. She stood in as pastry chef, she baked the only pastry she knew. She used her grandmother’s recipe. She saved the situation. The Duke and his guests appreciated it so much, he baptized these pastries “Madeleine”, as the first name of the hero of the day. Then Madeleines conquered the court of Versailles then Paris.

In the 1920’s Marcel Proust wrote À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (Remembrance of Things Past). He described the “Madeleines” as a way to travel in the memories of his childhood. Smell and taste are linked with past emotions and feeling. Thanks to “Madeleines” his past come to life again.


Nowadays: Madeleine is part of the traditional “goûter” “4 heures”, a snack for kids, adults, and the elders.


Worldwide: Madeleine is a popular tea cake for café shops around the world.

Who is Mahé?

Mahé is a very thick round french buttery cookies from Britanny, France known as Palet Breton.


Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Egg Yolk, Baking Powder, Salt : Fleur de Sel de Guérande


Gustative experience: Crumbly thick butter cookies with a delicious crusty texture.


Origin: Palet breton is a game in Brittany that has been played since XIVe century. The players throw small slightly convex discs of stone, wood or lead called “palets” onto a soft-wooden board. The purpose of the game is to make land the “palets” as close as possible to the “master Palet”.


Nowadays: Enjoy them for breakfast, teatime. To munch or dunk in your cup of coffee, tea, teatime brake, breakfast. Palet bretons can be used in different ways : plain, enhance with caramel sauce, melted chocolate, jam, dulce de leche….., used as a finger food, or as a crust covered with whipped cream and stuffed with fresh fruits.

Who is Financier?

Shape: Financiers are baked in a specific shaped rectangular molds, similar to a bar of gold.


Ingredients: Icing sugar, White eggs, Ground almond, Flour, “beurre noisette“ (brown butter), Pure almond extract.


Gustative experience: Financiers are light, not too sweet, nice tea cakes, easy take away snack. They offer a delicate almond flavour.


Origin: By 1890 Pastry Chef Lasne baked the “Visitandines”. This teacake changed his shape and name for Financiers. Instead of being oval it becomes as a bar of gold bullion easy to stock in the pocket. The bakery was located in the financial stock exchange district of Paris. The customers mainly brokers, used to buy them because the financiers were easy to stored in the pockets of the brokers without being damaged.

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Keep it simple for a better taste

100% authentic taste – 100% french pastries – 100% Homemade style

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