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Audrey Loze French pastry baker Lozette
I was born in the City of Lights but in my memory it is the city of smells. All my olfactory senses were educated and developed in Paris.

Who’s Lozette ?

Ihave been in Canada for more than 16 years. I am living a Canadian life, but about the food I am not completely assimilated. When I was caterer for daycares in Quebec I introduced French taste for my little friends. When I was a Personal Chef at home in Quebec I brought to my customers a healthy way of cooking with simple and delicate flavors with a French touch. In Calgary, I worked in a French Restaurant Cassis Bistro.

Wherever I am in the world, I will carry the French taste pleasure with me, searching for the authentic taste.

Lozette’s mission

Lozette’s mission is to focus on authentic taste using just few ingredients and let their flavour play together. Lozette reproduces the homemade sensibility in each products baked.

All the recipes focus on the selection of the quality of the ingredients. I am sharing the French know-how.


In France after school we have a snack “gouter”. It can be croissants, pains au chocolat, bread and chocolate and my favorites one were Mahé (Palet Breton), Madeleines and Financiers, simple, plain.

If you have travelled to France you probably have some of them. For those you never had the chance to taste those treats, go for it. The articles of the blog will give you the chance to reproduce what you have discovered in France and reproduce it her with canadian ingredients.

You were born in France and are living now in Canada, it happens time to time you miss them for your ``goûter`` or teatime. So instead of waiting for your next travel to France and fulling your luggage when coming back from, with the articles in the blog you will be able to bake it by yourself and be autonomous.