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Make it happen !

Lozette is fresh from the oven. The first customers met Lozette at TheMomShow. The event took place at the Milton Sports Center on 27th April 2019.

TheMomShow was for mothers, families, children who wanted to chat and check out the stuff they love. There were so many choices : hair stylist, spas, makeup artists, dance studios, wine tasting, mini workshops, mani/pedis, and treats too such as macarons, canelés and Lozette’s products : Mahé, Financiers, Madeleines www.lozette.com.

People could stop at the French stand and tasted the samples.

friend from France to help

And two French women were waiting for them.

I was so glad to have my friend helping me this day.

Merci Delphine !

They were amazed by the taste, the texture, the flavors. I am working on those 3 areas in order to obtain an authentic taste and unique products. Foodies and tasters have enjoyed the plain treats and as well have discovered how simple a Mahé can be transformed in a tart, or enhance madeleines just in dipping it in chocolate.

What I loved was seeing kids tasting and freely, without doubt and with full of insurance grabbing another piece of Madeleines or Financiers or Mahé. I enjoyed so much listening to their parents’ words  “Mummm” “oh WaouW” the sounds of the international gustative pleasure.

This was not just a show to give the chance to vendors present their products and participants to discover and buy gifts for their Moms before Mother’s Day. TheMomShow’s Organizers have chosen the Townsend Smith Foundation as their charity. The goal was to help build awareness and raised funds in order to build a hospice in Halton North!

Lozette was honour to join the other vendors and be part of the action.

I cannot write about TheMomShow without speaking of organizers : two dedicated and passionate women : Sam Kassam-Macfie : famiizuu – Owner and Susan Medeiros (Publisher and founder of Family Matters Magazine).

They were been super busy promoting the show in various platforms : radio  101.3 MYFM, posters and postcards distributed, online promotion : Family Matters Magazine and Famiizuu were promoting on their website: www.familymattersmagazine.ca &https://www.famiizuu.ca and their social medias. The vendors too made their part of promotion on their own social medias.

I really thanks them to make it happens. And it was a nice pleasure to meet other vendors who are do dedicated and passionate.

” The MomShow was the event that helped me to launch my business! It was a big step and I selected this event as the platform to help my French treats to be known. This is just the beginning of a long beautiful life for Madeleine, Mahé and Financier. “

Audrey Loze
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